Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hands On Crafts for Kids: Bike Decorating!

Decorate your bike with Jenny Barnett-Rohrs. Visit here for tutorial.
Image courtesy of Hands On Crafts for Kids.

Tear the kids away from their tablets and phones... well maybe after watching the video at Hands On Crafts for Kids website. ;-) Re-broadcasting this week airs episode 1804 - Too nice to stay inside! For this show, Jenny Barnett-Rohrs will show you how to decorate bicycle handle grips with Rexlace. This and other tutorials are airing now through noon (EST) on August 12th on the Hands On Crafts homepage.

Decorative bicycle grip tutorial from Hands On Crafts for Kids.
Decorative bicycle grip tutorial from Hands On Crafts for Kids.
Decorate your bike with Plastic Lacing. Tutorial for handle bar grips.
Decorative bicycle grip made with Britelace!

Decorate your bike with Plastic Lacing. Tutorial for handle bar grips.
Decorative bicycle grip made with Rexlace & Britelace!

Get the directions for the bicycle handle bar grips HERE. Products featured in this episode can be found at most craft stores, and at RexlaceClub.com. Items used include:

Instructions for this project can soon be found at the Hands On Craft website.

So let's get outside and play!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pepperell.com = The Mother Ship!

Pepperell.com to become your NEW Maker's Mall!
Coming soon a BIG-BIG-BIG Pepperell.com update.

At Pepperell Braiding Company we are committed to offering the BEST craft supplies and toys. We also want to make is as EASY as possible to find our goods. Not everything is available off-line. We've decided to make Pepperell.com into one Mother Ship website, housing all of our little baby web stores. We know you have some questions, so we've outlined some of the most frequently asked below, but feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.

Q:  What exactly does it mean that you're "moving"? Is your company changing locations?
A: We're not moving-moving... no boxes required! We are simply redirecting all our web stores under one platform to make it easier for customers to shop ALL our offerings, rather then keeping the stores separate. It's becoming a Crafty/Maker's Mall, if you will.

Q: Why are you consolidating the websites?
A: To make shipping a lot easier, and less expensive. While we do ship primarily out of one location in Bradford, Pennsylvania, we're finding a lot of customers want to purchase from one web store then jump over to another one of our web stores and place an order there too. It'll be much easier to have one place for customers to shop for all their crafty needs.

Q: What will the new website be called?
A: Technically, we're just shifting everything under the web domain of Pepperell.com. If you look at it now, it's currently our company fact page, resource for lab certificates and an overview of what we can/do manufacture. All of this will still be available on the updated site.

Q: Which websites are moving?
A: Holgate Toys, Macrame Super Store, Parachute Cord Craft, Real Slates, Rexlace Club and Wickstore:







Q: What will happen to the links to my favorite web store?
A: While individual items from each shop will be assigned new links, the main shops (ie., Rexlace Club, Wickstore, MacrameSuperStore, etc.) will all be re-directed to the new domain. So, for example, ParachuteCordCraft.com will be linked to the main Parachute Cord category of the store. If you bookmarked your favorite 12mm Black Buckles, however, that will have a new web address so it will need to be re-saved.

Q: What will happen to volume discounts from, say the Macrame Super Store or Free Shipping offer from the Parachute Cord Craft web stores?
A: While there may be some adjustments over time (for example, additional discounts and store-wide deals,) we are going to keep running all discount programs from each of the categories. They will remained confined to their original "stores" or categories.

Q: Will I be able to shop from my phone/tablet/laptop?
A: YES!!! Our key focus to modifying the website will be that it is mobile friendly, so everyone's shopping experience should improve significantly.

Q: WHEN are you moving?
A: This Winter. We're hoping to launch just after Christmas, as to not interrupt any current login accounts. We will most likely evolve January 2017. Keep checking back ;-)

Q: Will we be informed before the "move" takes place?
A: Yes! Keep an eye out on Facebook Page for the most immediate announcements. The Macrame Super Store Twitter account will note the official launch. There will also be a notice in our monthly newsletter, so don't forget to sign-up for that.

When the new site launches, we will be changing up the newsletter a little bit. We currently issue out a newsletter for EACH website we host, and these too will be consolidated. We will keep to our strict oath not to overwhelm subscribers with excessive messages. We hate being SPAM'd just as much as you, so we promise to keep content limited and relevant to all of our crafty categories.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact John or Samantha about the new website, email them HERE. Or call: 1-800-343-8114 Ext. 10 (Samantha's direct line for questions).

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lawn Chair Summer Sale extended!

Lawn Chair Bo-Go continues through August 31st at the Macrame Super Store
Sale ends August 31st, 2016.
Yes we're keeping it alive! The Lawn Chair Bo-Go continues on through August 31st: Buy One at regular price, get the second one for $15! The frames have been made available to purchase online at MacrameSuperStore.com.

Wholesale accounts can take advantage of a discount too! Call us for more information on that: 1-800-343-8114 ext. 10.