Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Calling All Creatives

Apply for potential artist spotlight.
Welcome-welcome to the new Pepperell Braiding Company Blog!

We the people of Pepperell Braiding Company (a.k.a. Pepperell Crafts or PBC for short) are textile manufactures specializing in artist and craft supplies.We are crafty innovative people with a thirst to share our imaginations with you. We are starting this blog in hopes that we can add more sparkle to the creative community and to assist current users of our products with innovative solutions to everyday applications.

Over the years, we've gotten emails from artists showcasing how our materials are used... and usually not for their original application intentions! Coming soon we will be highlighting artists using our products in an Artist Spotlight segment. We are opening applications for future Artist Spotlight slots which should be launching as soon as May/June 2014. Those interested can find the link to the application here or access the application by clicking the Call to Artists banner in the right column. Featured artists be rewarded with a post about their work (either interview or blurb) and a free 3-month column advertisement linking to their website, blog, or Facebook page.

So come back soon! We've got oodles of crafty goodness ready to share.

In the meantime, please fee free to say "Hi!", Like, or Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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