Monday, June 30, 2014

Let Freedom be FREE

Stretch Magic Jewelry Cord | Pepperell Braiding Company
Stretch Magic from Pepperell Braiding Company
All Stretch Magic Jewelry cord online orders will be shipping for FREE!*

It is available for FREE shipping from Macrame Super Store or Rexlace Club websites.

* Visit the sites' FAQ sections for "Free-ness" details.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Firecracker Bracelet

Firecracker Bracelet - Treslace Bracelet from Pepperell Braiding Company
Firecracker Bracelet from Red-White-Blue Treslace.

The 4th of July is only a week away! Start making those Holiday accessories to wear while you're celebrating. The Firecracker Bracelet is a fun little bobble to make with the kids.

Directions for the Firecracker Bracelet are available over on the Rexlace Club website. It uses Treslace (Rexlace) Plastic Lacing, and it can be embellished with any decorative pony bead.

Monday, June 23, 2014

USA Flag Chair

American Lawn Chair - Pepperell Braiding Company
American Lawn Chair - Pepperell Braiding Company. Made by Dick Shepard.

The 4th of July is about 10 days away. To prepare your Star Spangled pallet, we're going to brighten our blog up with some Red-White-Blue projects. We hope these inspire you're American Spirit!

Today's project is an oldie, but a goodie: The Classic USA Flag Chair Frame.

Directions are available for download at Macrame Super

Friday, June 20, 2014

A German Surprise

Armbänder aus paracord by Samantha Grenier from Leopold Stocker Verlag
The German Version of Parachute Cord Craft

Fox Chapel Publishing sold International rights to produce Parachute Cord Craft overseas. Publishing house Leopold Stocker Verlag has it available for German speaking crafters.

Parachute Cord Craft by Pepperell Braiding Company, Samantha Grenier, 2013
Parachute Cord Craft
Pepperell Braiding Company, Samantha Grenier

We are beside ourselves to see our book in German! This version of the book is available in Europe. If you'd like a copy visit Amazon UK for purchasing. For the original "pre-translated" version, we have PCC available on our own Parachute Cord and at Macrame Super

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fox-ing Around!

DIY Tutorial: Fox Mask from Brain Noodles - Pepperell Braiding Company

Foxes are CUTE-CUTE-CUTE! What child wouldn't want to pretend to be one?

Make this quick easy fox mask for pretend play, Birthday parties, Halloween costumes, or just for hanging on the wall.

Two 18 inch Orange/Yellow Striped Brain Noodles
One 12 inch White Brain Noodle
One 1-1.5 inch Black Pompom
Eighteen inches of White Rexlace (Cut into Six 3 inch pieces)
Hot Glue
Stretch Magic (about 18 inches of 1mm Clear)

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 1 For Figure-8 | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 1. Shape the 18 inch Brain Noodle into a figure-8. Fold the ends to secure. You can use a dab of glue where the ends overlap if it keeps un-hooking.

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 2 Add Ears | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 2. Cut the second Brain Noodle in half and shape the pieces into ears. Bend or fold the ends of the ears to either side of the eyes.

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 3 Add nose and mouth | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 3. Glue the pompom (the fox's nose) to the center of the mask. Glue the white Brain Noodle to the bottom part of the mask following the shape of the contour of the mask shape.

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 4 Add whiskers and mask strap | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 4. Glue the Rexlace whiskers into the mask. Tie a piece of Stretch Magic to the edges of the mask so you can wear it!

Mouse Mask made from Brain Noodles | Pepperell Braiding Company

You don't have to stop at foxes - look at this cute mouse! Just change the ear shape a bit you can make any animal you want to be.

-- Tiffany Dias

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hand-Stitched Hamlet - Oyster Bay, NY

Hand-Stitched Hamlet. Oyster Bay, NY - photo courtesy of Carol Hummel 2014
Hand-Stitched Hamlet, Oyster Bay, NY
Photo courtesy of Carol Hummel 2014

The Hand-Stitched Hamlet was completed in June 2014 with the help of 150 wonder women who crocheted 225,000 feet of 4mm Bonnie Braid (from Pepperell Braiding Company) into 500 pieces to cover 48 trees, 34 lamp posts, and 4 kiosks in the historic downtown area of Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY.

Molly and Carol, Oyster Bay, NY - Photo courtesy of Jon Maus 2014Molly and Carol, Oyster Bay, NY - Photo courtesy of Jon Maus 2014

Artist Carol Hummel with her assistant (8-month-pregnant daughter) Molly Sedensky turned the town into a living piece of contemporary art during a 6-day stitching marathon.  During the one-year-long project, relationships developed, friendships formed or were renewed, the lines of communication between people of all sorts were opened through ART. 

Hand-Stitched Hamlet. Oyster Bay, NY - photo courtesy of Jon Maus 2014
Molly and Carol, Oyster Bay, NY
Photo courtesy of Jon Maus 2014

Oyster Bay is now a piece of artwork for people to live within and to enjoy.  AND the project raised $1,000 for the Youth and Family Counseling Agency of Oyster Bay-EastNorwich.  Now THAT's art in action!

Hand-Stitched Hamlet. Oyster Bay, NY - photo courtesy of Carol Hummel 2014
Check donation for Hand-Stitched Hamlet, Oyster Bay, NY
Photo courtesy of Carol Hummel 2014

The project was sponsored by Patti & David McSkane, owners of the Knitted Purl shop in Oyster Bay; the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Chamber of Commerce, and the Oyster Bay Main Street Association.

Heart on a tree, Oyster Bay, NY - Photo courtesy of Carol Hummel 2014
Heart on a tree, Oyster Bay, NY
Photo courtesy of Carol Hummel 2014
This post was contributed by the fabulous Carol Hummel. Visit her website to see more of her vibrant projects: carolhummel.comPhotos were contributed by the artist. Photography copyrights belong to Carol Hummel and Jon Maus.

Like what you read? Check out the article posted about the project from the New York Times. And keep an eye out on Long Island next Spring for their next venture!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Stop for Our School Bus

Holgate School Bus HZ640 is retiring. Limited Stock available.
Our Holgate School Bus is retiring. Last chance to own one.
We're about to say "Good-bye" to a treasured classic; we have limited stock on our Holgate School Bus. This piece dates back to the early-mid 90's. It will be missed!

...Until the next School Year ;-)

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