Monday, June 16, 2014

Fox-ing Around!

DIY Tutorial: Fox Mask from Brain Noodles - Pepperell Braiding Company

Foxes are CUTE-CUTE-CUTE! What child wouldn't want to pretend to be one?

Make this quick easy fox mask for pretend play, Birthday parties, Halloween costumes, or just for hanging on the wall.

Two 18 inch Orange/Yellow Striped Brain Noodles
One 12 inch White Brain Noodle
One 1-1.5 inch Black Pompom
Eighteen inches of White Rexlace (Cut into Six 3 inch pieces)
Hot Glue
Stretch Magic (about 18 inches of 1mm Clear)

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 1 For Figure-8 | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 1. Shape the 18 inch Brain Noodle into a figure-8. Fold the ends to secure. You can use a dab of glue where the ends overlap if it keeps un-hooking.

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 2 Add Ears | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 2. Cut the second Brain Noodle in half and shape the pieces into ears. Bend or fold the ends of the ears to either side of the eyes.

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 3 Add nose and mouth | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 3. Glue the pompom (the fox's nose) to the center of the mask. Glue the white Brain Noodle to the bottom part of the mask following the shape of the contour of the mask shape.

Fox Mask Tutorial: Step 4 Add whiskers and mask strap | Pepperell Braiding Company

Step 4. Glue the Rexlace whiskers into the mask. Tie a piece of Stretch Magic to the edges of the mask so you can wear it!

Mouse Mask made from Brain Noodles | Pepperell Braiding Company

You don't have to stop at foxes - look at this cute mouse! Just change the ear shape a bit you can make any animal you want to be.

-- Tiffany Dias

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