Thursday, March 20, 2014

Noodling In the ROUND

DIY - making Noodle Roonie Wreaths with Pepperell Crafts

It's SPRING! It's finally Spring! 

Here at PBC, we're looking for fresh and fun projects to amplify our rejoice for the return of this season. We're focused on Easter and we're making wreaths.

The easiest method to wreath-making is to use the 6.5 foot jumbo chenille stems. They can be mounted onto a cardboard or metal ring, or simply formed to make the circular shape. Super easy: Wave your Noodle!

Wave your Noodle (illustration) - by Pepperell Crafts
Bend the Noodle stem to make a wreath shape.

Using additional Brain Noodles to form the bunny and flowers, here we've added poms and standard chenille stems to decorate the basic wreath into a more Spring-related design.

Easter Bunny Wreath by Tiffany Diaz of Pepperell Braiding Company
Easter Bunny Wreath using Noodle Roonie and Poms.

We'll keep decorating :-) Welcome back Spring!

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