Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rubber Bands All Grown Up

EZ Looper Double Band Silver & Gold Bracelet
Made by Mary Slivinski
Silver and Gold go together like the sun and moon or salt and pepper…naturally without thought.

So when I combined Silver and gold rubber bands and made it into a bracelet and wore it to a dinner party, I didn't expect comments like, “that looks like something I would wear,” or “are you kidding me?! That’s made out of rubber bands?!” 

For me Classy never goes out of style. Take Ali McGraw from Love Story: classy plaid skirt with a navy blue pea coat, or the pearls on the neck of Julia Child. Class, that’s what I say without thought. So I took metallic gold and silver rubber bands and my EZ Looper Rubber Band Tool and started making bracelets. What I ended up with was an elegant, stylish, and classy bracelet that isn't just for kids anymore. 

What you will need to make a classy bracelet:
  • 1 Ez Looper tool with hook
  • Silver colored rubber bands
  • Gold colored rubber bands
  • 2 Clear plastic bracelet clips

Step 1:
To start this bracelet mark your first peg above the logo on the tool with nail polish to indicate the start point, this is Peg A. You will be working clockwise; the pegs will be B, C, D, E, and F  (you don’t have to mark the other pegs). Bring the first silver band from peg B over to Peg F by twisting in the middle. Do the second band in the same manner from Peg C over to Peg E.
Step 2:
Repeat the process above with another silver band on the same pegs without twisting. 
Step 3:
Now take a gold band and bring around all 4 pegs as shown. Using the special hook that comes with the EZ Looper, take the bottom silver band over two and lift off of peg.
Step 4:
Work clockwise and repeat Step 3 on all the pegs, returning to Peg A. The pattern is simple; add a band lift bottom over two. Make 8 rows of silver then add a gold band (not around all pegs just on the pegs A- F and C-E). 

Finish by adding a gold band around all four pegs and lifting bottom over two. Work down to a single layer then lift band off of Peg B over to Peg C lift bottom over top band. Then do the same on the other side bring band from F over to E.  Lift these two bands onto a clip.  Use the hook to finish the other side by simply slipping and pulling a band through one another until you end up with two. Slip these onto the second clip.  

Voila! An elegant and classy rubber band bracelet which will never go out of style.

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