Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calling All Turkeys

Pete Pulley's Turkey Calls - Photo by Pepperell Braiding Company
Turkey Calls sent courtesy of Pete Pulley.

Here at Pepperell Braiding Co. we are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways our customers use the products we make.

We received a call last week from a gentleman looking for our Real Slate Chalkboards.  After a short discussion I asked a question that I ask regularly—“So, what do you use these for?”

Turns out that the man was getting them for his father who cuts them up to make turkey calls!

Today I received three fine examples of handmade Friction or “peg and pot” turkey calls made by world famous call builder Peter Pulley, now in his 90th year.  This type of turkey call dates back to the 19th century and works by scraping the “peg” against the slate.  By varying the pressure and speed one can produce different sounds made by a turkey.

After unpacking and admiring the craftsmanship, I ventured back to the art department to try them out. Shortly after learning to work them I found that almost the entire office had made their way back there. I guess the folks that work for PBC are just a bunch of… curious people.

- Joel Hooks

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