Monday, April 28, 2014

Partially Dipped: Wood Bead Finishing Part 5

Bead Dipping  Tutorial - Pepperell Braiding Company

Here we return to our bead finishing tutorial Dip and Drip from day one. This isn't a full-coating technique, but it's decorative so it makes for an unique finish. This time I quite literally dipped the bead in the paint and set it aside for drying. For the dipping to work, one may want to master the art of dipping an ice cream cone into chocolate sprinkles. Master may be a strong word, but it's appropriate here. There are a few things to consider on the dipping:

You will want to use a thinned-down paint. Just as the hand-painting technique, artists' acrylics are a bit too thick to manage. Even when diluted with water, the paint thins out a bit too much. Leave the paint as it is and you get chunky-glop look above.

And here we have a nicely dipped bead... much like a strawberry ice cream cone. Maybe still a little thick, but that can be adjusted with a splash of water. Again I used the matte craft paints because they have just the right consistency.

Now speaking of ice cream, how about some sprinkles?

Or glitter? Or confetti? Here the bead doesn't need so much of a dipping-action. I lightly coated the end of the beads with craft glue and sprinkled the glitter on top. When the glue dries (about a half hour), just tap the beads to release the excess glitz and repackage the "run-off" glitter.

Since the bead dipping doesn't completely coat the beads, you may want to sequester these beads for interior use only. You could spritz with a clear sealer; but you're still running a risk of the thick paint or glitter from chipping off. 

Have fun with your bead decorating! If you have additional techniques, write us - we want to hear from you :-)


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