Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Layers of Inspiration

Layered Coil necklace DIY craft | Pepperell Braiding Company

It's almost Summertime. The season of bubbles, peppers, and evenings out. We can accessorize that! Above is one of the EASIEST necklaces you'll ever make: Meet the Layered Bubble Necklace:

Use 1 yard strands of 2mm Amy Craft Cord. The colors used in the Pepper-Flavored sample pictured above are: Pink (05), Red (06), Coral (07), Cranberry (08), Orange (10), and Sunshine (12). The strands can be cut a little longer if you'd like to make this piece to just slip over your head. You will also need ribbon crimps and some sort of a closure to finish this necklace.

Directions: The only knot you need to know is the Coil:

Coil Knot Directions by Pepperell Braiding Company
Coil Knot diagrams.

Very easy, but practice on some scrap cord first to make the perfect bubbles. Start from one end of the cord and work your way down making coil beads every 2"-4". They don't have to be even; and they don't have to be perfect.

Once all the cords are full of bubbles, finish off the necklace with ribbon crimps. I recommend crimping one end first, then hold the necklace to yourself to test the length and make sure the layers fall where you want them to.

Layered Coil Necklaces in Cherry and Blueberry Flavors | Pepperell Braiding Company
Finished Layered necklaces in Cherry & Blueberry flavors!

Staggering the layers may help a bit. If you find making the coil a bit complicated, try tying the "bubble beads" using a simple Overhand Knot instead. The bubbles may not be as big, but you could always add beads to plump up the necklace with a little extra glitz!


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