Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shiny New Skulls & Metal Gear

Anchor Buckle Bracelet | Pepperell Braiding Company
Bracelet made with an anchor buckle.

We have a few new items in stock at Parachute Cord

Anchor Buckles | Pepperell Braiding Company
Anchor buckle closures.
First off are the anchor buckles (set of 3). Nautical and sophisticated for bracelet making. Perfect for Parachute Cord thicknesses 95 to 550.

Skull Beads | Pepperell Braiding Company
Vertical-hole skull beads.
Due to popular demand, we're now offering skull beads with a vertical hole.

Skull Beads with Glow Eyes | Pepperell Braiding Company
Vertical-hole skull beads with glow eyes.
Also available with glow-in-the-dark eyes (2 beads/package).

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