Friday, August 1, 2014

Owl Be Your Step Stool!

Owl Step Stool by Tiffany Dias - Pepperell Braiding Company
DIY painted step stool.

For years we've silk screened images onto wooden toys. We customize your child's name onto the toys to personalize them a bit. Now it's your turn... or rather your child'd turn, to customize their heirloom toys! It's easy.

- Wood primer
- Paint brushes
- Craft Paint
- Clear coat finisher (recommended for durability)
- Either a template or child's imagination!

Directions are straight forward enough: Prime all wooden surfaces you'd like to paint. Once the primer dries, paint your design onto the surface. Once the paint dries, seal the surface of the artwork with a clear-coat to protect your child's artwork.

We are now offering the unfinished wooden stools at Holgate Please feel free to share with us your finished step stools. We'd love to help you show off your your little artist!

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