Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Finishing Tool

EZ Splicer Paracord Finishing Tool from Pepperell Braiding Company
EZ Splicer Finishing Tool.
It's here! The EZ Splicer is back in stock.

Originally designed to make Long Bury splices in hollow braid (and it still works great for that), we found ourselves continuously using these when working with Parachute Cord. It especially proves its value when back splicing braids and completing perfect bracelets. The specially shaped music wire loop is strong and springy so it stands up to the hard demands of working with Parachute Cord. We added the lanyard loop on the newly redesigned model so that you can add a lanyard.

Did you know this tool can also be used to to splice two strands of Bonnie Braid together? Yep:

EZ Splicer finishing tool cord splicing | Pepperell Braiding Company
EZ Splicer splicing two cords (step 1).
If you're looking for extra value or just starting out, The EZ Splicer is a part of our popular Tool Bundle (back in stock). The Tool Bundle is available exclusively from Parachute Cord Craft. The new EZ Splicer is available from Parachute Cord Craft and Macrame Super Store.

Parachute Cord Tool Bundle from Pepperell Braiding Company
Parachute Cord Tool Bundle.

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