Tuesday, March 10, 2015

(Re) Introducing The Un-Candle

We at Pepperell Braiding Company have resurrected an old Corning classic: we'd like to re-introduce you to The Un-Candle™!

The Un-Candle from Pepperell braiding Company
The Un-Candle™ lit.

We've made some esthetic alterations to the glass vessel, and have fitted the candle floats and wicks with our very own. These candles are easy-easy assembly using non other than common vegetable oil as fuel.The water base helps keep the glass cool to the touch, and also acts as an aid for self-extinguishing a tipped or burnt-out wick.

The Un-Candle™ from Pepperell Braiding Company
The Un-Candle™ from Pepperell Braiding Company.

The Un-Candle™ is currently available from Parachute Cord Crafts.com and Macrame Super Store.com. For more information and decoration/craft suggestions, please visit our information page on Pepperell.com.

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