Monday, November 9, 2015

C is for Coiling Cord

Cookie Monster coiled basket from Pepperell Braiding Co
Tom Murray, VP Sales w/ Cookie Monster Coil Basket.

And "C is for cookie!" naturally ;-)

Let's start off with a ginormous HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM MURRAY! As seen here posing with a familiar face and his infamous blue suite, Tom is delighted with this Easter Basket.

Easy as cake (or cookie!) we coiled this basket using 1/2 inch Coiling Cord and Royal Blue Jumbo Roving Yarn (shown below). Embellishments (ie. eyes and cookie) are made from craft foam and glue. That's it! The Cookie Monster basket is 4-year-old approved (except maybe make additional "cookies" per suggestion from a professional toddler)!

Basketry paper coiling cord - 1/4", 1/2" & 3/4" thicknesses
Paper Coiling Cord

Royal Blue Jumbo Roving YarnJumbo Roving Yarn Assortment

If you're taking a shot at basketry let us know what you're making. Want us to show off your awesome coiled basket? Send us picture, we'd love to see it-and show it off for you here! (Email: infoATpepperellDOTcom)

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