Monday, January 4, 2016

Pantone-ing Your Crafts this 2016

Pantone Colors of 2016 as shown in craft cords

And now you can craft in Pantone. Almost ;-)

Though not exact Pantone swatch matches, we do have craft cords available which will help you craft in trend this year. Here we've highlighted some favorites from the Macrame Super Store, Rexlace Club, and Parachute Cord Craft websites.

Similar to Rose Quartz, we recommend Bonnie Braid color Pink, Rexlace color Rose, and Parachute Cord color Pink.

Pink 6mm Bonnie BraidRose Rexlace

Pink Parachute Cord 325Pink Parachute Cord 550

Closely matching Serenity Blue is Bonnie Braid color Sky, Rexlace Baby Blue (also in Sgetti String,) and Parachute Cord Baby Blue.

Sky 6mm Bonnie BraidBaby Blue Rexlace

Baby Blue S'getti StringBaby Blue Parachute Cord 550

Happy Crafty 2016 to you!

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