Thursday, June 16, 2016

Accented in POMS

Faux Fur Pom Accents for your purse or key chain
Faux Fur Pom Key Chains.
Tote your poms!

Available in most stores you'll find these sweet jumbo pom-pom accents... We'll they're made from bunnies. We've taken on the challenge of making a vegan/cruelty free version of these poms.

Cute Bunny Pom made from Faux-Fur Poms from Pepperell Crafts
Faux-Fur Bunny.

Great to use a decorative purse accents or jumbo light weight key ring finders, we currently have a limited supply of these cuties in Gold or Silver key chains over at the Rexlace Club.

Looking for volume stock for your shop? We can help! Call us today: 1-800-343-8114 ext. 17.

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