Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hands On Crafts for Kids: ANIMALS (re-Airing)

Hands On Crafts Episode 1907: Make Fuzzy Llamas
Craft fuzzy llamas at Hands On Crafts for Kids!
Animals!!! Hands On Crafts for Kids returns this week with a new episode highlighting one of our favorite subjects: ANIMALS! Episode 1907 will air through noon (EST) on Friday, June 2nd from the Hands On Crafts homepage.

Bend Fuzzy Stems into llamas from Hands On Crafts For Kids
Make Llamas from Fuzzy Stems!Image courtesy of Hands On Crafts for Kids
 Did you miss the episode when it aired originally? No problem! Watch it on YouTube:

Directions for this project is available on the Hands On Crafts for Kids website HERE. If you don't have all the items listed in your craft kit, they may be able to pick up at your local craft retailer, and the fuzzy stems are available here at pepperell.com.

Happy Crafting!

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